Questions about the rules

So, at SIMCON in Rochester, we ran into a couple of philosophical questions about the rules for MetaCheckers.

Stealth Mode

First there was a question of Stealth Mode.

If you roll a KING on the Chess Die on your first move, you are allowed to flip your KING CHECKER over to hide it.

What I tell people during a demo is, “This makes it harder for your opponent to keep track of your king. But you also have to keep track of it too.”

Jack overheard this, and he objected. He argued that the player who puts the king into stealth mode should be able to check to see which is their king.

I disagree. Peeking at the king would give away the king’s position, but perhaps that should be a risk the player would be willing to take.

Also, Jack is the inventor of Stealth Mode. So, his opinion carries a lot of weight.

So, I wonder what others think about this.

The Princess

In Kangaroo Checkers, there is The Princess.

The Princess is a move listed as one that cannot capture the king. This is because it would give the Princess too much power. With a Princess 6, you could potentially capture 5 enemy checkers. If the king happened to be checker No. 3, that would end the game.

So, the way it is set up on the Stealth Checkers App, if the Princess flies over the king checker, it will capture all of the checkers except the king. Also, it is not allowed to land on the king, even if the dice roll would otherwise have it land on the king.

But this weekend, one of the players suggested that the Princess should be able to capture the king if the dice roll has her landing on the king, but not just from passing over it.

This is an interesting idea. When we update the paid version of the App, we might make that change. But I want to know what other people think.

So, here are a couple of polls. Please let me know what you think.



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