Clarifying the rules

So, after the demos at UBCON last weekend, I was able to give some more thought to the rules questions we had.

There had been a debate about whether someone who had put the king into Stealth Mode could later on check to see which piece it was. What it comes down to is this:

  1. Yes, you can but you will probably lose any advantage because you are giving away the position to your opponent.
  2. If you do go into Stealth Mode, you better plan on moving your king frequently. Otherwise it will be too easy for your opponent to track the king.

So, if you go into Stealth Mode and don’t move the king, there is no advantage to doing this.

I also played against a gamer last weekend who was not impressed with Stealth Mode because for him it was too easy to keep track of the movement of one piece. However, it seemed to have an advantage for me in other games. I think it comes down to the opponent. If you think your opponent will lose track of the king, then do it. If the opponent will not lose track — or if you think you’re more likely to lose track than your opponent — then don’t.

The other question was whether the Princess could capture the king. The bottom line is: No, she can’t.

The Princess is spoiled. She almost always gets what she wants. So, where the Queen is stopped when she makes a capture, Princess keeps going as far as the dice allows and captures multiple pieces. However, she does not capture the king by flying over it. That gives her too much power to end the game. The point to the kangaroo moves is to add more fun and unexpected outcomes to the game, but not end it quickly.

But at SIMCON in Rochester, a player suggested that maybe the Princess could capture the king, but only by landing on the king directly with the proper number on the dice. It was a worthwhile idea, so I gave it some thought.

But after playing some more at UBCON and with an new experimental layout we tried out, I realized if we allowed that in some situations, it was possible for a Princess to capture the king using a checker that had not even been moved. That gives the move WAY TOO MUCH power.

So, the Princess is spoiled, but she has daddy issues and cannot capture the king in any situation. So, if the dice roll would otherwise allow her to land on the king, the Princess will land one square short of it.

In the end, the rules remain as written.





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