MetaCheckers: Soccer Casting Call


Do you like soccer?

Or do you like board games?

Would you like to help bring a fun new soccer board game into the world?

Want to help put Horseheads on the map as the town where MetaCheckers: Soccer got started?

Then we need you to help with a promotional video that will be used on Kickstarter.

This is a casting call for volunteer actors to show how much fun this game can be to play. Participants will need to sign standard release forms. Any one younger than 18 will need the signature/approval of a parent.

MetaCheckers is a board game patented in 2014 that combines chess and checkers. Checkers move like chess pieces because of some special dice. The goal is simply to capture the opponent’s king checker.

MetaCheckers: Soccer takes that same mechanic of moving checkers as chess pieces and applies it to the game of soccer. Now, instead of capturing the king checker, the king checkers are the goalies. The object of the game is to get to checker with possession of the ball into the goal.

Any play you can imagine on the soccer field can happen on the board for MetaCheckers: Soccer. We need volunteers to demonstrate the soccer action on and off the field.

What we are going for is a faster-paced, more exciting version of my first attempt, here:

But feel free to check this video out to get an idea of how the game is played. Or you can follow this link to download a test version you can print out and try at home.

Sorry, we don’t have money for actors. This is a volunteer effort. Copies of MetaCheckers will be given to any participants. Copies of MetaCheckers: Soccer will be sent to any participants if/when the game is funded on Kickstarter. Food/snacks will be provided.

Filming will likely be Monday and/or Friday evenings at the Holding Point. But we can’t move forward until we hear positive interest from you.

If you are interested, contact Ed Bond at or